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Blaze King is touted as one of the best wood-burning stove brands in the world. At 81% efficiency and a 40-hour burn time, these fireplaces are a big hit for wood-stove enthusiasts and families alike. To truly embrace the magic of Blaze King, we invite you to visit our showroom and experience the craft, quality, and innovation of Blaze King fireplaces for yourself.

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The Most Efficient Wood Stoves in the World

81% efficiency.. that's hot stuff. Watch Cory give the low-down on the Blaze King and why they are a top seller here at Fireplaces By Cameron.

Blaze King Fireplace FAQs

Got questions about the Blaze King fireplaces? Here's some answers.

Blaze King models feature a bimetal coil thermostat. This simple thermostat evens out the uneven nature of burning wood. Blaze King owners typically only adjust their thermostats once or twice a day. Nearly all other wood stoves have a damper to regulate air-flow and require more frequent adjusting. Also, Blaze King wood stoves are very deep. Not just front to back but real depth. If you were to hypothetically place a garden hose into a regular wood stove and turn it on, within seconds the water would begin to flow out the door opening. This is because they are most often only 1 or 2 inches deep. However Blaze King Princess and King models are 6 and 9 inches deep respectively. This means less frequent cleaning of ashes, ability to load up to 90 pounds of wood in a load and most importantly, they are safer to load since hot coals and embers are kept well below the door opening.
For sure they can heat a simple 950 sq ft cabin, and a larger 3000 sq ft family dwelling. The efficiency of heating is going to heavily depend on the age and condition of the home. The floor plan of the home, the insulation value etc. needs to all be considered. Please contact us and tell one of our team members about your home, life-style, and describe what your goals are for heating your home with wood.
Come on down to the Cameron Home Centre and test drive it for yourself! But to answer your question.. yes, Blaze King stoves are incredibly user-friendly. They feature intuitive controls that allow you to adjust the temperature precisely for your comfort level. This thermostatic control system enables users to set and maintain their desired temperature with precision. In comparison, many fireplaces in the market require manual adjustments, which can be both inconvenient and less accurate. For a sneak peak on how to operate a Blaze King, go check out this post where Cory demonstrates the neat features of the Blaze King King 40.
Basically, a substrate material such as cordierite, is plated with two or more precious metals. During the combustion process, the gasses that are released result in friction between the plating materials, which can create extremely high temperatures. Since smoke and other gasses are loaded with energy, the catalyst converts these into usable heat for your home.
Yes. After a number of years, catalysts can slowly lose their efficiencies. It is common to get up to 12 years and more service from a catalyst. Burning well-seasoned wood only will help prolong the catalyst life. Catalyst Combustors have a 6 Year Warranty. See Conditions, Exclusions, and Limitations in your Owner’s Manual.
Blaze King gas appliances are unique to the industry in that most Blaze King gas models have heavy-duty heat exchangers. Superior engineering and design has allowed Blaze King to fit the maximum amount of square inches of surface area of heat absorbing steel into each model. The more surface area of steel, the more energy absorbed during the combustion process. Then, the variable-speed fans that are standard in all gas models then moves that heat into your home. It’s all about getting the most heat from every BTU into your home.
The use of green or wet wood is the single largest contributor to less than peak performance. The combustion of fuels produces water, regardless of the moisture level of your firewood. A piece of dry wood has only so many BTUs and if the wood is green or wet, then the combustion process will require heat to eliminate this added moisture. That is heat not being used to heat your home. Many wood stove owners believe that their wood is dry since it is cracking on the ends. It is a fact that wood that has been cut, stacked and dried for two years can still have up to 20% moisture content. Just because a tree is dead and either standing or down on the ground, does not mean the wood is ready to burn. In fact, for peak heating performance, cutting, splitting and stacking off the ground on pallets should be done at least one year in advance.

Model Size Comparison

Here's a sizing guide for the Blaze King Fireplace line.

  • 40-Hour Burn Time

    Our first reaction was.. 40hours.. really?! And then we got them down at the Home Centre for testing and discovered the magic. No need to reload your stove every 4hours. The Blaze King gives you the very best in burn time.

  • Meticulously Crafted

    These wood stoves are a piece of engineering art. With over 30 years in the fireplace business, the Blaze King brand has found the secret to ultra-high efficiency in wood burning. We're impressed and we know you will be too.

  • Build Quality & Variety

    Blaze King promises quality and delivers it time and time again. Their stoves are built solid with long lifespans and consistent performance. They also offer a range of models, to suit both large and smaller spaces.

Does size matter with Blaze King?

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Model Comparison

In this article we compare the most popular Blaze King models, highlighting the pros and cons for each. Princess vs King vs Ashford vs Sirocco vs Chinock. Check out the article.