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Fireplaces 101

Gas, propane, wood or electric? Each option comes with unique benefits. We have simplified some essential information to help you better understand your options.

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Add a fireplace to your den, bedroom, bathroom, or patio for extra ambiance!

Many of our fireplaces are certified for both indoor and outdoor use. So you can enjoy a cozy fireplace during the cold months regardless of where you want to be.

Fireplace Terms

Don’t let fire terminology leave you feeling burned out. Our glossary has got you covered. If you need more, reach out to our team–they’re always blazing with answers.

Freestanding Fireplace

Wood | Gas/Propane | Electric
A freestanding fireplace is just that, freestanding. It is not mounted or inserted into a wall. The sides are finished and the base might be a box or legs. Freestanding fireplaces are generally easy to install and may sit directly on the floor or on a heat protective base.

Non-Catalyic Stoves

Regarding the firebox’s airflow, non-catalytic fireplaces use air in two burn stages: once during the initial combustion and again when the smoke is re-burned. They operate most efficiently and burn more cleanly at moderately hot temperatures while producing a wicked fire.

Catalyic Stoves

Catalytic stoves have three burn stages. Airflow in this third stage feeds through a catalytic combustor which removes most of the remaining gasses and combustion byproducts. They are highly efficient, burning for long hours with less wood and produce cleaner or lower emissions.

Zero Clearance Fireplaces

Zero-clearance fireplaces can be installed almost directly against combustible materials like wood, walls, or paneling. The fireboxes do not allow the exterior temperature to heat the materials around them which can be a benefit if you want to install a T.V. above your fireplace.

Direct Vent Fireplaces

Direct Vent fireplaces have a sealed glass front and will pull fresh air in from the outside. This air then heats your home. These fireplaces are vented through the roof or side of your home and can be used without electricity. Direct Vent fireplaces are generally very efficient heating forms.

Fireplace Inserts

Gas/Propane | Electric | Wood
A Fireplace Insert is a sealed box placed into an existing masonry fireplace, closing the opening and keeping your home warmer. This style of insert requires some form of venting for gas and wood. They reduce emissions, and you can heat with gas or wood inserts during a power outage.

Linear Fireplaces

Gas/Propane | Electric
Linear is a stylistic choice. Usually installed into a wall, they are long and rectangular (landscape) and appear more contemporary and modern. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, can be multi-sided and have a variety of trim sizes to suit your style.

Suspended Fireplaces

Gas/Propane | Electric
Also known as hanging or floating fireplaces, this is also a stylistic choice. Suspended fireplaces hang from the ceiling or wall and do not reach the bottom of the floor. They can be designed with mantels for a traditional look or without one for a sleek minimalistic look.

Single-sided View Fireplaces

Gas/Propane | Electric
As it sounds, these fireplaces have one main viewing area and face in only one direction. The viewing area can be long and narrow, resulting in a more modern aesthetic, or extra tall and wide, which can be both contemporary or more traditional in its final look.

Multi-sided View Fireplaces

Unique, these fireplaces provide a lot of design options as they offer more than one viewing area of the fire. It may be double-sided so you can see the same flames from two rooms, or 3 sided where it has glass on the front, back and single-side of the fireplace for a beautiful design.

Built-in Fireplaces

Gas/Propane | Electric | Wood
As the name suggests, these fireplaces are framed inside the wall. Designs can include a flush mount for a sleek modern design, or it can have a mantel and a hearth for a more traditional look. There are a lot of options to meet your needs!

Know the Difference

Not sure which heating source is right for you? Check out some fundamental considerations below and see us in-house for expert answers to any further questions!

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Natural Gas Fireplaces

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With a focus on renewable natural gas options and delivering natural gas to customers in B.C, FortisBC offers many cost saving rebates to those who apply for Gas or Natural heating appliances. Check them out to learn more.

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With a focus on renewable natural gas options and delivering natural gas to customers in B.C, FortisBC offers many cost saving rebates to those who apply for Gas or Natural heating appliances. Check them out to learn more.