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Ever dreamt of rustling up your own perfect pizzas right in the comfort of your home? Ooni Pizza Ovens transport you straight to the heart of Italy. Designed for outdoor use, they're ideal for food enthusiasts and pizza lovers alike who yearn for that authentic pizzaiolo experience. Explore the different models.

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Ooni Pizza Oven FAQs

All your pizza oven questions answered.

Absolutely! The Ooni Pizza Oven is worth every penny for its superior performance, easy operation, and excellent results. It's a game-changer for homemade pizza, offering restaurant-quality results in your backyard.
Ooni is a leader in the market of outdoor pizza ovens. It heats up quickly, is easy to use, and produces consistently delicious pizzas with the perfect crust and evenly melted cheese. Its compact design and environmental consciousness make it stand out from many competitors.
While the oven reaches high temperatures inside, the base remains cool due to its excellent insulation. However, it's recommended to place the oven on a heat-resistant surface for safety.
Yes, you can cook any type of pizza in an Ooni oven. It's designed to create authentic Italian pizzas but can also be used for other pizza styles.
It's tough to ruin the Ooni pizza stone as it's made of durable cordierite. However, cleaning it with detergents or soaking it in water can cause damage. A light brushing after use is all it typically needs.
While Ooni ovens are designed for outdoor use, it's recommended to cover or store them indoors, like your shed or garage, when not in use to protect against weather conditions.
Ooni Pizza Ovens are designed to work efficiently with wood pellets, providing a clean and hot flame necessary for top-notch pizzas. For some models, propane gas can also be used for convenience.
Great question, glad you asked! Without question, an epic complement to your Ooni pizza oven is a Jackson Grill BBQ. Perfect for backyard enthusiasts and professional chefs alike, these premium grills offer an unparalleled outdoor cooking experience
  • Ultra-High Heat

    All Ooni pizza ovens reach 850 °F/450 °C or higher. All except our electric ovens reach 950 °F/500 °C. These extreme temperatures are needed for crispy on outside, airy on the inside perfect crusts.

  • Authentic

    Stone-Baked Bases. Whether you choose wood, charcoal, pellets, gas or electricity, you’ll get perfectly cooked toppings with crisp, stone-baked bases.

  • Extreme Speed

    All Ooni ovens are ready to cook in no more than 20 minutes. All except the electric Volt make world class pizza in 60 seconds, the high standard by which authentic Neapolitan pizza is judged. The Volt electric oven can turn out amazing pizzas in about 90 seconds.

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