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Crafted with precision and designed for durability, each Yoder Smoker promises an unmatched grilling performance. Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a beginner eager to explore the art of smoking, our collection offers the perfect companion for your culinary journey. Embrace the flavors, master the smoke, and create unforgettable meals with Yoder Smokers.

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Are you thinking about getting into the smoked meat game? It can be hard to figure out which model does what and which might be right for you. Cory breaks down everything you need to know about the various models in the Yoder Smoker line up (Offset smoker, pellet grill, charcoal).

Yoder Smoker FAQs

Got questions about the Yoder Smokers? Here's some answers.

Yoder Smokers are versatile and designed to accommodate different fuel types depending on the model. Their lineup includes traditional wood-fired offset smokers, pellet grills that use wood pellets for fuel, and charcoal grills. Each type of smoker is engineered to optimize the flavor and efficiency of its specific fuel source, ensuring you achieve authentic smoke flavor and precise temperature control.
To ensure your Yoder Smoker remains in top condition, follow these maintenance tips:
For Pellet Grills: Regularly empty the ash from the firebox, clean the grease drain system, and vacuum out any residual pellets in the hopper to prevent moisture buildup.
For Offset Smokers: Clean out ash from the firebox after each use, and occasionally oil the cooking grates to prevent rust. It's also recommended to season the inside of the smoker periodically by coating it with a thin layer of cooking oil and heating it.
General Maintenance: Check and tighten hardware periodically, as the heat can cause expansion and contraction. Use a cover to protect your smoker from the elements when not in use.
Absolutely! Yoder Smokers are highly regarded in the competitive BBQ circuit for their reliability, precision, and the quality of smoke flavor they produce. Many BBQ teams and pitmasters use Yoder Smokers in competitions across the country, winning numerous awards. Their robust construction and advanced features make them an excellent choice for both seasoned competitors and those new to the competition scene.
Yoder Smokers provides a robust warranty that underscores their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Most Yoder Smokers come with a limited warranty that covers material and craftsmanship defects. Specifically, their pellet grills typically feature a 10-year warranty on the cooking body and a 3-year warranty on the control system and igniter. Warranty terms for offset and charcoal grills vary, so it's recommended to review the specific warranty information for your model upon purchase.
For the popular model, the Yoder 640s pellet grill they offer a rock solid warranty: 10 years on the cooking chamber, 3 years on the ACS controller, and 3 years on the ceramic igniter.
Yoder Smokers offers a wealth of resources for owners looking to maximize their smoking and grilling experience. Their official website and blog feature a variety of recipes specifically tailored to their smokers, from classic BBQ dishes to innovative culinary creations. Additionally, the Yoder Smokers community is very active on social media and forums, where owners share tips, recipes, and advice. Yoder also provides customer support for more direct inquiries, ensuring you can get expert advice on using your smoker to its fullest potential.
Choosing the right smoker depends on your cooking style, the amount of food you typically smoke, and your preference for fuel type. Yoder offers a range of smokers:
1. Pellet Grills: Ideal for those seeking convenience and precision temperature control.
2. Offset Smokers: Best for traditional smoking enthusiasts who prefer cooking with wood or charcoal for that authentic smoke flavour.
3. Charcoal Grills: Perfect for grilling and smoking smaller quantities of food.
Consider how you plan to use your smoker, the flavours you're looking to achieve, and the capacity you need.
Yoder Smokers' pellet grills feature advanced temperature control systems, allowing users to set and maintain precise cooking temperatures. This is achieved through digital controllers that regulate the flow of pellets to the firebox, ensuring consistent heat. Offset and charcoal models require manual temperature control through air vents and managing the fire, offering a more hands-on smoking experience.
When not in use, it's best to store your Yoder Smoker in a dry, covered area to protect it from the elements. If storing outdoors, consider investing in a custom-fit cover designed for your specific model to protect it from moisture and dust. Ensure the smoker is clean and dry before covering it.
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    • Built to Last: Discover the robust construction and heavy-duty materials that make Yoder Smokers a lifetime investment.
    • Weather-Resistant Features: Learn about the innovative designs that protect your smoker in all seasons.
  • Precision Smoking Tech

    • Temperature Control: Explore the cutting-edge technology that ensures consistent temperatures for perfect results every time.
    • Versatile Cooking Options: Uncover the flexibility of Yoder Smokers, allowing for a variety of cooking styles.
  • The Yoder Community

    • Recipes and Tips: Access a wealth of knowledge from the Yoder community, including exclusive recipes and expert smoking tips.
    • Events and Competitions: Join the Yoder family at BBQ competitions and events, showcasing your skills and learning from the best.

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Maybe subtle smoky flavours are more your style? The smoker is the way to go and don’t forget, the wetter the wood, the better the smoke. We're bringing you the best of the best in BBQs and Smokers.

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The good folks over at People Magazine® researched, tested, and reviewed 21 different pellet grills available on the market today. And, out of all these brands, the Yoder Smokers YS640S was chosen as the overall winner: The best pellet grill of 2023.