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Experience the harmonious blend of style, warmth, and innovation with Urbana Fireplaces. More than a functional addition, each fireplace becomes the pulsating heart of your home, infusing spaces with timeless elegance and comfort. Discover Urbana, where every flicker and ember creates not just warmth, but cherished memories.

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Urbana Fireplace FAQs

All your fireplace questions answered.

All Urbana Fireplaces are gas / propane fuelled.
Urbana Fireplaces are powered by advanced heating technology. For instance, the Urbana Elegance Series features a unique dual-burner system that allows for variable heat output, giving you the flexibility to adjust the warmth to your liking. This state-of-the-art design enhances performance while prioritizing energy efficiency.
Urbana's luxury line of gas/propane fireplaces are available in two or three sided bay designs, linear, or a more traditional format.
Absolutely! Every Urbana Fireplace is engineered with energy efficiency at its core. Take our Urbana EcoTherm Series as an example; it uses a cutting-edge infrared heating system, generating ample warmth while reducing energy consumption by up to 30%. It’s the perfect combination of cozy comfort and responsible heating.
Urbana Fireplaces are crafted from high-grade materials for superior durability. Our Urbana Classic Series, for instance, is designed with a robust cast iron body and a high-temperature ceramic glass front. This not only ensures a resilient and enduring fireplace but also provides a panoramic view of the enchanting flames within.
Ease of use is a fundamental attribute of Urbana Fireplaces. The Urbana Touch Series features a digital touch screen control panel and a remote control, making it effortless to adjust heat settings. In addition, its programmable thermostat can be set to maintain your preferred temperature, making your experience seamlessly comfortable.
Absolutely! The versatile design of Urbana Fireplaces complements any decor style. For example, the Urbana Moderna Series, with its sleek lines and minimalist design, effortlessly fits into contemporary spaces. On the other hand, the Urbana Heritage Series, with its classic detailing, adds an elegant touch to traditional interiors.
We can't be picking side! :) But if we had to, we'd choose the traditional gas powered Urbana U37
Built with longevity in mind, an Urbana Fireplace promises years of reliable service. The Urbana SolidStone Series, for instance, features a durable stone housing that withstands high temperatures and years of use. Accompanied by the brand's commitment to quality, you can trust your Urbana Fireplace for enduring warmth and style.