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Enjoy the magic and warmth of real fire.

Step into the world of timeless charm with wood-burning fireplaces. Explore our wood stoves - from traditional to modern aesthetics in freestanding, inserts, or high-efficiency catalytic converters. Fireplaces by Cameron stocks the best fireplace brands in the business; Blaze King, Osburn, Urban, and Valcourt. Embrace the authentic, natural, and primal warmth that only wood burning fireplaces can offer.

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Wood Fireplace FAQs

All your wood stove and fireplace questions answered.

Absolutely! It is commonly used as a primary heat source. It can heat the entire house, no questions asked, but you will want to consider the layout of your home and best placement for it–something we at Fireplaces by Cameron can help you with.
Most wood stoves have an optional fan kit that can be installed onto the back of your stove, which helps blow the heat out into the room. Some customers will also utilize a ceiling fan or a small heat-powered fan that sits on the top of your stove and is activated once enough heat reaches its base.
Cameron stocks premium wood stoves and fireplaces from brands like Blaze King, Osburn, Urbana, and Valcourt.
Sadly, Courtenay and Comox do not allow for new wood stoves and chimneys to be installed. However, you may upgrade an existing installation to a new stove and chimney.
As long as it’s a Mobile approved unit, then yes, you can. Most of our models will note this detail under the Spec section. Contact us if you need support or more information.
Yes, you can install your own wood stove to the manufacturer specifications. We include this with your wood stove purchase. Know that your insurance company will typically want a WETT Certified inspector to sign off on any installation. Our team is WETT Certified and ready to do the installation for you or the sign-off if needed.
Too much ash in your wood stove can eventually affect your fire as your logs burn down. It’s best to remove the ash with an ash pan and brush tool (All Wood stove accessories product page LINK) and keep it in a metal can outside and away from combustible materials. The ash can be used in several ways: It’s great for melting ice on paths and making it less slippery. Try it on your driveway! Ashes make a great slug and ant deterrent if you sprinkle some in your garden. You can use it as tree fertilizer to support getting the right pH for your soil.
Wood quality does matter. Well-seasoned or dry wood will burn best and offer more heat over wood that is wet, which may burn but will not offer much heat. Generally, you want to allow wood to dry for one to two years. Hardwoods will also burn longer and more efficiently than softwoods.
Please do not burn driftwood as it’s not a clean burning of wood. This wood is often holding a lot of moisture from the water it once lived in and has lots of salts in it. The salts create creosote and will eat away at the chimney which could void the chimney and wood stove from any warranty.