Gas Fireplaces

Simple and cosy, the way you want it.

Gas fireplaces are a haven of instant warmth. No more waiting for logs to catch fire. With a simple switch or remote, you control the heat, making your home as cozy as you want, instantly. Cameron’s Gas and Propane Fireplaces have a wide array of decorative media choices. Personalize the perfect look to suit your style - go for a more traditional look or choose a contemporary design. Go ahead and transform your living space into a warm, inviting, and stylish haven.

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Gas Fireplace FAQs

All your gas stove and fireplace questions answered.

Gas and Propane fireplaces are about 70-80% efficient. Customers who select this heat style, in addition to efficiency and annual costs, are often balancing their style preferences as well as their love for the way this heat feels throughout their home.
Yes! These fireplaces come with a battery back-up to keep you warm should the power be off. On average the battery should last several months before any need to change it.
Cameron stocks premium gas and propane fireplaces from brands like Enviro, Kozy Heat, Marquis, and Urbana.
This shouldn’t happen. If you’re concerned with an overhot room, check your temperature control on your remote or thermostat and double check your programmed schedule. Need further assistance? Please reach out to us!
There is no reason to think they are not. Everyone at Fireplaces by Camerone are certified professionals with real-world experience. We know what to look at when installing the product, and all our products are CSA approved.
Yes, you can! This feature requires specific additional elements such as a mantel or cool touch TV kit. These essentially work to direct the heat away from the item on the wall but still direct heat into the room. This way, you can still enjoy the same amount of heat in your home while meeting all the design and style needs you have.
This depends on your use of the product, but we recommend you have your fireplace inspected yearly. Our staff at Fireplaces by Cameron are all certified. Visit our Services Page to see how we can help or Contact Us, and we will get in touch with you.
Yes, you’re welcome to turn it off. It’s also beneficial and completely safe to leave it burning year-round. This helps to minimize the moisture from accumulating inside the firebox. All new fireplaces do not have a pilot light and are all intermittent, so there is no need to turn them off.