Electric Fireplaces

All the warmth you need, without the fuss.

Experience the warmth and sophistication that electric fireplaces bring to your home. Imagine the cozy ambiance of a traditional fireplace, without the fuss and mess of wood or gas. Electric fireplaces, designed with cutting-edge technology, provide the perfect blend of comfort and style.

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Electric Fireplace FAQs

All your Electric fireplace questions answered.

Most electric fireplaces will exude some heat, but not very much and so are not usually the main source of heat in a home. We’re happy to recommend smart options that best suit your needs and your home.
Yes. There is no clearance to combustibles with electric fireplaces meaning the fireplaces can touch materials such as wood (and by associating whatever is on the outer side of the wall facing your room) without affecting it.You can touch the glass - there is no heat.
Yes. All models are tested to safety standards. In the unlikely event that they overheat, they will automatically shut off. They are very clean burning and do not put fumes and moisture in your home.
These are great options for repurposing an existing fireplace as you can plug them in and place them into an existing firebox. You’ll want to ensure a masonry chimney gap has been closed to keep the heat in and to check clearance requirements when measuring. While some electric log sets can be hardwired, other models plugin so you may want to install an outlet inside the fireplace for this type.
Cameron stocks premium electric fireplaces from brands like Amantii and Dimplex.