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Immerse yourself in the comfort and style of Enviro Gas Fireplaces. Designed to transform your home, these fireplaces bring the perfect blend of heat, elegance, and efficiency to your living spaces. Choose from infamous names such as the E-Series Insert (E for Epic), C-Series Linear fireplace, or the Westport freestanding. Explore our collection and find the perfect fit for your home.

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Enviro Fireplace FAQs

All your fireplace questions answered.

Enviro Gas Fireplaces are innovative heat sources that utilize natural gas or propane instead of traditional wood. These fireplaces work by using a pilot light to ignite the gas supplied through a dedicated line, generating heat that is then distributed throughout the room. They have a venting system that eliminates the by-products of combustion safely outside the home, ensuring a clean and environmentally friendly heating method.Enviro Gas Fireplaces utilize either natural gas or propane as their fuel source.A dedicated gas line supplies the fuel, which is ignited by a pilot light to produce heat.The fireplace's venting system safely removes combustion by-products, contributing to its environmental friendliness.
Operating your Enviro Gas Fireplace is simple. The first step is to ignite the pilot light, often by pressing a button on the fireplace or remote control. Once the pilot is lit, you can adjust the flame and heat level using the control knob or remote. Finally, to turn off the fireplace, you would simply switch off the control, which also extinguishes the pilot light.
Regular maintenance is essential to keep your Enviro Gas Fireplace working optimally. This generally includes annual professional servicing to check for gas leaks, inspect the ignition system, clean the glass door, and test the venting system. It's also recommended to clean the exterior of the fireplace periodically with a soft cloth to prevent dust accumulation.
Enviro Gas Fireplaces are built with multiple safety features. They have a venting system that removes combustion by-products, keeping indoor air quality healthy. Additionally, many models are equipped with a safety shut-off feature that automatically turns off the gas supply in case the flame goes out unexpectedly. However, like any gas appliance, it's crucial to adhere to safety guidelines such as ensuring proper installation and maintenance, keeping flammable objects at a safe distance, and installing carbon monoxide detectors in your home.
Yes, most models of Enviro Gas Fireplaces can operate during a power outage. They typically employ a millivolt ignition system that doesn't require electricity, allowing you to still use the fireplace during power outages. However, some features like the fan or remote control may not function without power.Most models of Enviro Gas Fireplaces can function during a power outage due to their millivolt ignition system.Despite power outages, the main heating function of the fireplace remains operational.Some electrical features like fans or remote controls may not function during a power outage.
With proper care and maintenance, an Enviro Gas Fireplace can last for many years. On average, a gas fireplace can have a lifespan of 15-25 years. Regular servicing, cleaning, and correct usage play a crucial role in maintaining the fireplace's efficiency and prolonging its life.
  • Sleek

    Enviro Gas Fireplaces offer instant, controlled heat. At the flick of a switch, you have immediate warmth, creating a cozy atmosphere in no time. These fireplaces let you enjoy optimal comfort whenever you need it.

  • Versatile

    These fireplaces also offer versatile placement options. Install them anywhere in your home, without needing a chimney. They're as practical as they are stylish, offering efficient heating for any space.

  • Safe

    Safety is integral to Enviro Gas Fireplaces. Their state-of-the-art design ensures safe operation, letting you relax and enjoy the warmth without any worries. They're a heating solution you can trust.

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