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Main Services

We’ll guide you through all things fireplaces: from selecting to design. We understand the technical process of installation, maintenance, and repair and we’re here to make the process enjoyable no matter what step of the journey you’re at!

Pre-Purchase Inspection

We will visit your home, understand your fireplaces needs and review your home layout to understand the project scope.

Fireplace Design

We assist in selecting the right style, size and media choices. We can also support you with designs to suit your home and preferences.

Maintenance Service

From cleaning glass windows to changing out pilot lights, if there is a little TLC needed on your fireplaces, we’re happy to help.

Installation starts here


We include a home visit early in our conversations. This allows us to understand your fireplace needs and the project scope based on your room size and house design.

Our pre-purchase inspection includes:

  • Room and layout review for the best fireplace placement and size recommendation (for both heat distribution and logistics such as venting).
  • Home layout or blueprint review: understanding how the installation of venting or clearance to combustibles will occur.
  • What will framing look like?
  • Design style considerations (ex: mantel, rock face, or sleek and contemporary options).


From contemporary and modern, to traditional and classic; everyone has a style that makes their home feel like it’s truly theirs. We’re here to help you execute that vision while making smart recommendations that also meet your heating needs.


With over 35 years of home building experience, we’ve vetted our fireplaces first hand. You can trust we are bringing you the best of the best that fireplaces can offer.

Proven Process

We’re here to help make the process fun while getting you what you envision. Our design process provides space to have key conversations, review options and select the best design that suits your home.

Keep your fireplace running smoothly

Maintenance Services

A happy fireplace is a maintained fireplace–it helps them last longer and run smoother. Our certified technicians are happy to support you in a variety of maintenance services. Contact us with your questions or to book your appointment.

What we offer:

  • Cleaning glass inside and out.
  • Inspecting and cleaning of key components such as: pilot assembly, burner, fan system, etc.
  • Inspecting flame characteristics for proper operation.
  • Testing of gas pressures.
  • Troubleshooting common issues: sooting of glass, poor flame characteristics, system shutting down etc.

Start to finish,
we’re here for you

Regardless of the unique services required based on your heating source or fireplace type, our experienced professionals can always help.

Wood Services

  • Fireplace Design & Installation
  • WETT Certification
  • Inspection & Service
  • Wood Insert & Freestanding
  • Fireplace Venting & Installation

Gas/Propane Services

  • Inspection & Service
  • Fireplace Design & Installation
  • Fireplace Venting & Installation
  • Gas Permits
  • Gas Line Inspection &/or Installation

Electric Services

  • Fireplace Design & Installation
  • Inspection & Service
  • Decorative Media Kit Options & Additional Purchases


All our fireplaces come with warranty. Whether you need a new part, an upgrade, or a design feature change, reach out to us and one of our customer service reps will be happy to assist you.

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