BBQs, Smokers & Outdoor Kitchens

BBQ's and Smokers

Is there anything better than the smell of BBQ in the air? The mouthwatering anticipation of the perfect grilled or smoked meat coming off the grill and hitting your plate? We didn't think so. We're bringing you the best of the best in BBQs and Smokers. Get ready to uplevel your backyard BBQ game!

Yoder Smokers

Blaze Built-In BBQs

Jackson Grills BBQ's

Kick it up a notch

BBQ Accessories


No charring! From pizza to steak and veggies, this naturally porous volcanic rock stone allows all the natural flavours, moisture and nutrients to be retained in your food.

Pellet Diffuser

Looking for that smoky flavour in your food? The pellet diffuser will add a rich smoky flavour while distributing heat evenly for a thorough cook.


Maybe subtle smoky flavours are more your style? The smoker is the way to go and don’t forget, the wetter the wood, the better the smoke.

Outdoor Kitchens

Whether you are a grilling enthusiast or enjoy entertaining, these built-in BBQs are designed to meet your kitchen needs outdoors.

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