6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Blaze King Wood Stove

6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Blaze King Wood Stove

Nothing beats wood heat so when I had the opportunity to put in a Blaze King wood stove in my home, I didn't hesitate. I love my Blaze King, BUT, I learned a lot from owning one personally. Here's what I wish I knew about Blaze King before buying one. 

Choosing a Wood Stove is a big deal

Embarking on the journey of selecting the right wood stove for your home can be a mixture of excitement and uncertainty. This was exactly how I felt before purchasing my Blaze King stove. After extensive use and learning through experience, here are some insights that might help you navigate the decision-making process with more confidence. 


#1 Understanding the Operation and Characteristics of Catalytic Stoves

Initially, the operation of a catalytic stove was a mystery to me. The absence of visible flames in the firebox, despite the stove being at operating temperature, was puzzling. Blaze King stoves utilize a catalyst to ensure a perfect burn, providing long burn times with minimal visible activity in the primary firebox. This characteristic might not suit everyone, especially those who prefer the traditional look of a fire.

#2 The Phenomenon of "Angel Wings"

A unique feature of Blaze King stoves is the appearance of "angel wings" – soot buildup on the glass corners. This is a normal occurrence, indicating that your stove is functioning healthily. The central area of the glass stays clear due to the warm air drawing up into the catalyst, while the corners show soot due to lesser heat distribution. It's a sign of efficient burning, contrary to what one might initially think.

#3 Maintenance of the Catalyst

One of my initial concerns was the maintenance and longevity of the catalyst. It's true that without proper care, the catalyst can become an expensive part to replace. However, gentle treatment and regular maintenance can significantly extend its lifespan. Monthly checks and cleanings of the catalyst are recommended to ensure it operates efficiently. This includes inspecting for any dead zones or discoloration, which could indicate a need for cleaning or replacement.

#4 The Importance of Fuel Quality

Before owning a Blaze King, I underestimated the importance of using well-seasoned wood. Wet or unseasoned wood can hinder the stove's efficiency, leading to less effective heat and potential issues with the stove's operation. Now, I ensure my wood has a full summer of drying, aiming for a moisture content that allows for efficient burning. Keeping a supply of well-seasoned wood ready for use is crucial for optimal performance.

#5 Adjusting for Comfort and Efficiency

Learning to control the burn rate was a game-changer. Unlike traditional stoves, which can often lead to overheating, the adjustable burn rate of a Blaze King stove allows for a comfortable and consistent temperature within the home. Finding the right setting for different seasons has enabled me to enjoy prolonged burn times, ensuring my home stays warm with minimal adjustments needed.

#6 Size and Installation Considerations

My last piece of advice is to carefully consider the size of the stove and its compatibility with your home's existing infrastructure. I learned the hard way that not all models fit or can be efficiently installed in every home. It's essential to communicate with your supplier about your specific needs and constraints, such as chimney sizes and installation spaces, to avoid costly mistakes.

The Verdict on Blaze King Fireplaces?

Owning a Blaze King wood stove has been a learning curve, filled with moments of both surprise and satisfaction. From understanding its unique burning process to mastering the maintenance of the catalyst, each step has taught me the value of choosing a stove that aligns with both my lifestyle and heating needs. If you're considering a Blaze King for your home, remember that it's more than just a heating source; it's a commitment to a sustainable, efficient way of living.

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