Blaze Grills Pro vs LTE: What's the difference and which is worth your money?

Blaze Grills Pro vs LTE: What's the difference and which is worth your money?

Blaze Grills are renowned for their irrefutable durability, which can make it that much harder when you're trying to decide between the Blaze Grills Pro and Blaze Grill LTE.

Today, we’re breaking it all down for you! We'll dive into the specifics of each model, comparing their build quality, design, and key grill features (including Blaze accessories). While I touch on the difference in pricing between the two Blaze Grills. lineups, I hope that this helps you figure out which one suits your grilling needs and budget the best. Whether you’re looking for commercial-grade durability or top-tier performance, we've got all the juicy details. 



Today we're going to talk about the age-old question: Blaze barbecues. What are the differences between the LTE and the Pro lines of these grills? We're going to do a deep dive, take them all apart, show you the quality differences, and the builds of both units. At the end, we're going to talk price.

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Visual Differences

First, we're going to ask, what is the visual difference between the LTE and the Pro? Obviously, the Pro has higher grade, thicker stainless steel—still 304 stainless—but you're getting into a heavier hood, heavier body, a lifetime grill in both departments. However, you're getting into a commercial-grade unit with the Pro.

Control Panel Design

Second, I differentiate these grills in the showroom by looking at the front of the control panel. The LTE has a square face, and if you look at the Pro, it has a chamfered edge with a bit of angles. You can tell they've really honed in that look, especially with the Pro.

Interior Build Quality

Now, it's time to talk about the best part: the inside of the Blaze Pro. You can tell right off the bat that the weight and gauge of the stainless steel is a significant step up from the LTE line. This applies throughout the whole grill. We're getting into commercial-grade gear here. I can show you right off the bat; the difference between the two is absolutely magnificent. You can hear the weight of it. You're getting into serious gear with hex grills. The heat is directed over a much larger surface area on this grill, leaving impeccable grill marks.

Consistent Heavy-Duty Construction

This is a consistent theme throughout this grill. You'll find heavier parts, components, dividers, and heat plates. Everything is built to last a lifetime. I'm going to show you the heat plates. The weight and sheer size of them are remarkable. They provide even heat distribution, giving you complete control over your cooking.

Burners Comparison

My favorite part is actually getting inside. All cast stainless steel burners. You can see right here, the Pro burner is a beast. The LTE burner beside it is incredible as far as industry standards go, but the Pro burner is absolutely crazy. The size and heat distribution because of the width are bar none. You can see the size difference comparing those two. There really is no comparison when it comes to the Pro line.

Blaze Accessories

Now, we're going to talk about the wide range of Blaze accessories and the differences between the two models. The best part? Every Blaze accessory is interchangeable. There's no difference. Both options, whether you go Pro or LTE, offer a wide range of accessories.

Size and Heat Distribution

We're looking at a four-burner LTE Blaze here. The interesting thing is because of the smaller size of the burners on the LTE version, when you go to the Pro, it's the same size but with only three burners. This is because of the large burners and the heat dividers that provide an even cook.

Price Difference

So, what do we all really want to know? What's the difference in price? We're talking roughly $4,000 more going from the LTE to the Pro. Are you a professional? Do you need to upgrade to the commercial line? That's up to you.

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