Does Size Matter? Sizing up a Blaze King Fireplace for your home

Does Size Matter? Sizing up a Blaze King Fireplace for your home

Here we are down at the Cameron Home Center, and today we're going to talk about size. Does it matter? Absolutely, size matters. We're focusing on the Blaze Kings, the highest efficiency wood stoves on the planet.

In our Fireplace room, wood stoves are my passion. I can't imagine a home without one. I burn one heaping wheelbarrow per week to keep my entire house warm, reducing work and mess. But the main topic today is the size.

Oversizing, or Undersizing

For a catalytic stove, you have to match the size with the space you're heating. If a stove is too small for a large house, you'll get an overburn. The thermostat won't function correctly, and it's going to be burning too hot, resulting in an inefficient burn.

On the other hand, a stove that's too big for a small space will cause the thermostat to dampen the fire excessively, leading to creosote buildup in the chimney and burn inefficiency. Although you could get a 4 day burn out of it, that's not the way you want to run your stove. These stoves have a sweet spot for sizing. You don't want to be overworking or underworking them as it will cause problems.

With the thermostat, you set it and leave it. With Blaze King, you become familiar with their operation, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Does size matter?

So remember, because these fireplaces are thermostatically driven, we need be mindful of size. When dealing with a catalytic stove, an undersized one will over fire, waste wood, and won't give the desired efficiency, and an over sized stove may even smother its fire or accumulate creosote in the chimney. Finding the right size is key.

Got questions?

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Come on down to Fireplaces by Cameron. We'll educate you on the importance of size, especially with Blaze King wood stoves. Visit Fireplaces by Cameron and check out our website at We look forward to meeting you.


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