A Fireplace Expert's Review of the Blaze King 'King 40' Model

A Fireplace Expert's Review of the Blaze King 'King 40' Model

Every homeowner knows the importance of a quality fireplace, especially when the cold months approach. As we huddle up and enjoy the warmth, we need a reliable unit that doesn’t just serve the aesthetic purpose but offers unparalleled efficiency. Enter the Blaze King 'King 40' model. As fireplace experts, we've seen and reviewed countless models, and in this article, we'll delve deep into standout features the makes the 'King 40'.. king of the fireplaces! 

Key Product Summary for the 'King 40'

Here are the main product highlights for the Blaze King's 'King 40':

✅ 40-hour burn time
✅ Fit up to 80 lbs. of wood into the King
✅ Can produce a tremendous amount of heat for 12 to 16 hours, depending on your installation and wood type.
✅ 3 styles to choose from: Parlour legs (traditional), Classic Base (lowers the stove height) and Ultra Pedestal (which comes with a removable ash drawer with lid).
✅ 4 door options: painted, satin plated, gold plated or solid.

What Makes the 'King 40' Stand Out?

Blaze King's are a hot favourite down here at Fireplaces By Cameron. Especially for young Cory! He's obsessed with them...well.. in a good way. :) Watch him give a quick rundown on the main selling points King model.  

What the Cameron's think about the King 40?

We believe that to get the most out of your Blaze King, it's crucial to be a connoisseur of wood. Ensuring your wood is seasoned and stockpiled in advance guarantees an exceptional burn. And when we say the King 40 offers a 40-hour burn time, believe us, it’s not an exaggeration.

But what truly sets Blaze King apart? The magic lies in the machinery. As your fire begins to kindle and the heat starts rising, you'll notice an indicator transitioning between active and inactive zones. This shift signals the precise moment to engage the catalytic converter, moving the fireplace from primary burning to a highly efficient secondary burning phase. For the uninitiated, the catalytic converter is the unsung hero behind the 'afterburn', ensuring maximum heat output with minimal emissions.

What's mesmerizing is the transition: the visible flames in the firebox subside, giving the illusion that the fire is out. But the truth couldn't be further - the heat and burning activity are fully operational in the secondary burner. This results in a clean, efficient burn, with virtually no smoke emanating from the chimney. Watching a Blaze King at work is truly a spectacle; seeing only heat radiate from the chimney, devoid of any smoke, is an attestment to its innovative design.


Deep dive into the King 40 features, benefits, and technology

Now, let's talk about the specific features of the 'King 40' give it an edge over competitors:

#1 Advanced Combustion Technology

At 81% efficiency the King is the most efficient wood stove in the world. This allows you to get the most heat out of your wood to reduce your heating costs. The King has the largest and deepest firebox of any stove on the market and is for serious wood burners.

The 'King 40' employs state-of-the-art combustion technology that maximizes the efficiency of wood burning. This not only ensures more heat but also reduces wood consumption, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run. While many competitors still rely on older combustion methods, the 'King 40' stands at the forefront of modern fireplace technology.

Thermostatic Control System

Temperature regulation is crucial for the optimal fireplace experience. The 'King 40' boasts a thermostatic control system, enabling users to set and maintain their desired temperature with precision. In comparison, many fireplaces in the market require manual adjustments, which can be both inconvenient and less accurate.

Reinforced Ceramic Glass

Safety should never be compromised. The 'King 40' features reinforced ceramic glass that is designed to withstand high temperatures without cracking or discoloring. This is a stark difference from some competitors that might use standard tempered glass, which may not offer the same resilience against intense heat.

Our Blaze King 40 at the Home Centre: Which you can drop by and have a peek at. We know that getting a feel for the product is real important :)

#2 Extended Burn Time with Catalytic Combustor

Up to 40 hour burn time!! 

The Blaze King 'King 40' uses a catalytic combustor, an innovation that allows the wood to burn slower and hotter, translating to extended burn times. This feature distinguishes it from many non-catalytic models, ensuring that homeowners can enjoy warmth for longer periods without frequent refueling.

#3 Air Control Innovation

Blaze King's unique air control system offers an unparalleled user experience. Instead of the traditional damper controls seen in many fireplaces, the 'King 40' integrates an intuitive lever system. This allows for precise oxygen regulation, ensuring efficient combustion and consistent heat output.

#4 Reduced Emissions

In today's world, eco-friendliness is not just a luxury but a necessity. The 'King 40' is designed to produce minimal emissions, aligning with stringent environmental standards. Many competitors may still produce higher amounts of pollutants, but with the 'King 40', you are making a green choice.

#5 Versatile Installation Options

The 'King 40' provides homeowners with flexibility in installation. Be it a traditional setup or a more contemporary design; this model can seamlessly integrate. Its adaptability sets it apart, as not all fireplaces on the market can boast such versatility.

In essence, the Blaze King 'King 40' is not just a fireplace; it’s a culmination of innovation, efficiency, safety, and adaptability. It embodies modern technology while retaining the traditional charm of a wood-burning fireplace, truly making it stand out in a crowded market.

Aesthetics and Design

A fireplace isn't just about warmth; it's a statement piece, a focal point of any living space. And the 'King 40' doesn't disappoint:

Here are some of the Aesthetics and Design features of the King 40:

  • Craftsmanship: The King 40, like other Blaze King models, showcases a high level of craftsmanship. The unit is built with precision, ensuring not just functionality but also a visually appealing design.
  • Robust Build: The King 40 has a solid and sturdy appearance, often constructed from heavy-duty steel or cast iron, giving it a traditional yet timeless look.
  • Door Design: The large, arched door typically features heat-resistant glass, allowing homeowners to enjoy the mesmerizing view of flames dancing inside the stove. This not only adds warmth to the room but also creates a cozy ambiance.
  • Finishes: The stove might come in a variety of finishes, from matte black to enamel coatings in different colors. This allows homeowners to choose a finish that best complements their interior decor.
  • Controls and Handles: The King 40 features ergonomic controls, often finished in chrome or brushed metal for a touch of elegance. The handles are designed for ease of use, and they typically have a cool-touch feature for safe operation.
  • Compact Yet Powerful: While designed to heat larger spaces, the King 40 has a relatively compact footprint, ensuring it doesn't dominate the room but rather serves as a stylish focal point.
  • Decorative Accents: Some King 40 models might feature decorative accents, such as ornate legs or patterned cast iron details, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the overall design.
  • Top or Rear Flue Options: Depending on the installation requirements, the King 40 might offer options for either a top or rear flue, allowing flexibility in positioning the stove in the room. 



      How does the king 40 model compare with the Blaze King Princess model?

      Blaze King's King 40 and Princess models are both distinguished for their efficiency in the realm of wood-burning stoves. The King 40, larger in stature, is adept at heating vast spaces with its higher BTU output, larger firebox, and extended burn times reaching up to 40 hours. Its design leans more traditional, boasting a prominent stance that fits homes seeking a classic touch.

      On the other hand, the Princess model, with its compact design, is ideal for medium-sized rooms. Despite its smaller stature, it offers impressive burn times, sometimes stretching up to 30 hours. Aesthetically, it brings a blend of classic wood stove charm and contemporary design, making it versatile for various home interiors.

      Both models come equipped with Blaze King's renowned catalytic combustion technology, ensuring top-tier efficiency. The King 40, given its enhanced capacity, generally sits at a higher price point, while the Princess serves as a more budget-friendly option without compromising on performance. Ultimately, the choice between the two models hinges on individual heating needs, available space, design preferences, and budget.

      Tech specs and Product Sheets

      • Product Spec 
      • King 40 Datasheet

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Q1: What is the burn time for the Blaze King King 40 model?

      The Blaze King King 40 model boasts an impressive extended burn time. Depending on the wood quality and conditions, it can offer up to a 40-hour burn time on a single load.

      Q2: How does the catalytic converter in the King 40 model work?

      The catalytic converter in the King 40 model helps in achieving a secondary burn. It captures and burns off gases and particles that would otherwise escape through the chimney, ensuring maximum heat output with minimal emissions.

      Q3: What type of wood is best suited for the King 40 model?

      For optimal performance, seasoned hardwoods like oak, hickory, or maple are recommended. Ensure the wood has been seasoned for at least 6-12 months and has a moisture content below 20%.

      Q4: What are the dimensions of the Blaze King King 40 model?

      The King 40 model is designed for larger spaces, ensuring efficient heating. You should refer to the official Blaze King specifications or your dealer for exact dimensions and space requirements.

      Q5: Can I install the King 40 model myself?

      While it might be tempting, it's always recommended to have your King 40 model installed by a certified professional. This ensures safety, optimal performance, and adherence to local building codes.

      Q6: How often should the catalytic converter in the King 40 model be replaced?

      The lifespan of the catalytic converter depends on usage and the quality of wood burned. On average, with proper maintenance, it can last between 5 to 6 years. However, regular inspections are crucial for optimal performance.

      Q7: What makes the Blaze King King 40 model different from other wood stoves?

      The King 40 model stands out due to its extended burn time, efficient catalytic combustion system, and the quality and craftsmanship synonymous with the Blaze King brand.

      Q8: How do I maintain and clean my King 40 model?

      Regular maintenance involves emptying the ash drawer, cleaning the glass, and inspecting the catalytic converter. It's also recommended to have an annual inspection by a professional to ensure optimal performance and safety.

      Q9: Is the King 40 model EPA certified?

      Yes, the Blaze King King 40 model is EPA certified, ensuring it meets stringent emission standards and is environmentally friendly.

      Q10: Where can I purchase replacement parts for my King 40 model?

      Replacement parts can be purchased through authorized Blaze King dealers. It's essential to use genuine parts to maintain the stove's performance and safety. 


      Is that hot enough for you?

      The Blaze King 'King 40' is more than just a fireplace; it's an investment in quality, efficiency, and aesthetics. If you're in the market for a new fireplace or thinking of upgrading, the 'King 40' deserves serious consideration. Ready to transform your living space?

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