5 Benefits of Owning an Outdoor Kitchen

5 Benefits of Owning an Outdoor Kitchen

An Outdoor kitchen can be an amazing addition to your home but we know there’s a lot to consider. We’re sharing some of our personal favourite reasons for why an Outdoor Kitchen is a great investment.

Sleek and modern, our outdoor kitchens are all manufactured locally on the west coast by out partner, Pacific Outdoor Kitchens.


1. Host like Never Before!

Having an outdoor kitchen brings friends and family to your home.

You can offer a diverse range of food in a beautifully designed environment that is roomy enough for larger groups and activities.

Plus no more running indoors to check on food and missing out on the fun!

Check out this for hosting power! 

2. Expand Your Cooking Resources

You can design your outdoor kitchen to go beyond the BBQ.

  • Include things like a griddle, smoker, and even an oven (or pizza oven).
  • Plus storage for all your cooking utensils right at your fingertips!

Product sneak peak -> Uptown Outdoor Kitchen


3. Reduce Your Energy Bills

With lots of people inside the home and cooking appliances running...

  • Temperatures are bound to rise, which is going to ask your AC to work harder.
  • Taking it outside makes it easier on your utilities and your wallet.

4. Increase Your Home’s Value

Adding an outdoor kitchen increases your home value because:

It’s a substantial home improvement project that adds more valuable living space to the home.


5. Build Your Dream Backyard

Your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and taste.

Building an outdoor kitchen gives you the opportunity to personalize your space, and there are plenty of options to meet your style from countertops and cabinets right down to the grill. ​


Bonus: They're not as complex as you think!

Most modern outdoor kitchens don't require custom masonry work or a big investment. Our prefab outdoor kitchens are modular and designed for easy install. (and all made locally too!)

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